Financial Statements Spreading Service.

You bring the financial statements (in pdf or other format). We send them back to you spreaded in your standards and SLA.


Who we are

Klooks is a tech company invested by Plug and Play Tech Center (Silicon Valley) specialized in structuring financial data out of PDFs and other formats. Players such as S&P Market Intelligence, Moody's Analytics and Lexis Nexis rely on Klooks to provide valuable insights to their clients.  

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Accounts customization

We adapt to the most specific spreading standards. Currently supported English, Spanish and Portuguese - other languages upon request.

SLA spread balanço DRE template modelo demonstrativo financeiro


We adapt our resources to your internal SLA, being able to deliver spreadings in up to two hours.

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From simple integrations, without need of your IT team support, to full APIs totally integrated.

Suggested Integration

1 - Small scale tests: From a small set of statements we deliver full spreadings.

2 - Validation: Client validates the spreading method an approves for large scale testing.

3 - Large scale tests: We start recurrent delivery with simple methods (FTP, Zapier, email, shared folders, others), without need of IT team involvement.

4 - API integration: After fully validated we integrate our service to your internal systems through HTTP Rest APIs.

Focus in your core business, leave the spreading to us!